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This program is for those that prefer to focus on self-discovery through guided art meditation.

Image by Steve Johnson

Here's what you will receive

 Art Journeys

1 ½ hrs. - 3x a month 

A deep-dive, guided visualization and art journey with intention, to connect with spirit and each other. Here we call on a deep powerful intention, create a spiritual creative container in community through meditation, flow writing, painting, and journaling as we deepen our love for ourselves and our visions.

Paint Brushes with Paint on Them

Plus, These Extra Benefits:

Access to the Vero’s Bloom Facebook Group - Be part of a growing online community of inclusive and inspired women like you!

Beginning Nov 1, 2022
Tuesdays at 7pm cst

6 Week Program

1 ½ hours of shamanic art journey in community with others and support and guidance from spirit creating a devotional creative practice you can tap into daily.


6 weeks of art meditation

  • Week 1 - Creative Vision

  • Week 2 - Healing

  • Week 3 - Devotional Practice

  • Week 4 - Release

  • Week 5 - Empower

  • Week 6 - Embody


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Get Started

Pay in Full (6 months)

  • 3 Guided Art journey sessions each month (18 total)

  • 1 Free one-on-one coaching session


Pay Monthly (over 6 months)

  • 3 Guided Art journey sessions each month (18 total)


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