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Art Meditation

This class is all about self-discovery through guided art meditation.

Art meditation stems from the belief that human expression and creativity are crucial aspects of a healthy mind.

Image by Steve Johnson

The best thing about it is that anyone can participate in this class even if they have zero prior artistic experience! So, whether you can only draw a stick figure or paint the Mona Lisa with your eyes closed, all are welcome.


Because this class isn’t about the art itself; instead, it’s about you exploring your inner-self through spontaneous expression with art in a safe, critic-free environment.

Paint Brushes with Paint on Them
Image by Anna Sullivan

Each class starts with intuitive painting, allowing you to use your emotions to create art. Then, we move on to journaling so you can reflect on what you are feeling and any other thoughts that occur to you.

Journaling is a vital part of this class because studies show that those who write their emotions, thoughts, and feelings in a notebook are much less likely to experience symptoms like depression, anxiety, or hostility.

As you continue with this class, you will become better at listening to your intuitive voice, expressing your feelings and emotions, tapping into your spiritual energy, and exploring your creative power - all of which will help you with your journey to self-discovery!

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