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Vero's Bloom Online Membership is custom designed for women who desire to begin or deepen their creative devotional practice to strengthen their alignment, self love, and connection to spirit with a strong focus on community, and overall wellbeing to have a joyous peaceful life!

Sandy Beach

Here are the benefits to you

Discover how to create more peace, love, and abundance so you can joyfully pour love into your loved ones and community.

Create more joy and well being in your life when you are finding yourself stuck and seeking emotional clarity.

Begin or deepen your connection to source with a grounding, spiritual-creative practice that allows you to have better boundaries and practice listening to your intuition.

Strengthen your ability to find your alignment and connection to others by using guided visualizations that allow you to trust your gut by opening up your connection to spirit with flow writing, drawing, painting, and journaling.

Connect deeper within your community! Learn how to come from your heart with friends, neighbors, and find like minded women in your community looking to connect, love, and create deeper meaningful relationships and bonds!

Cloud with Silver Lining

Here's what you will receive

Twist Pose

  Pilates Session

50 min. - Pure, LIVE
2x a week (4 weeks, 8 Pilates sessions)
- $260 a month -
Tues & Thurs @ 11:00am CST


Full-body, low-impact movements for all fitness levels, putting less stress on your body by using your own weight and allowing you to develop your core strength at your own ability.

Pilates increases mind and body awareness by connecting your breath with and strengthening your core to benefit your balance, posture, stretching ability, and physical tone.

Practice with our community in the comfort of your own home with a chair, small ball, ring, or light weights, with focused attention to coordination and stability for improved overall function.

Join me for my version of Pilates workouts that are a FUN, energetic way to get your core and spirit fired up! Consistent weekly practices increase our stamina, strength, and flexibility as we embody confidence, self-love, peace and happiness! Then, each session we close with 10 mins. of Abundance Activation Meditation.

Plus, These Extra Benefits:

Access to the Vero’s Bloom Facebook Group - Be part of a growing online community of inclusive and inspired women like you!

Abstract Glow

Words of Praise

"Vero’s Bloom women’s group is inspiring, transforming, and supportive. Being a part of this women’s group has helped me with not just transforming my body, but also embodying myself with so much confidence. I do not think there has been one workout class that I have not been laughing within the first five minutes, and then ending the class feeling inspired, energetic, and confident.

Vero’s energy is contagious, positive, enthusiastic, motivating, and inspiring! Vero will describe the exercise with alternate moves and if you don’t have exercise equipment she suggests simple household items to use (cans, roll of paper towels, etc.). She connects with everyone in the group and offers one-on-one coaching. It is not often that you can completely present yourself and have someone be there to listen to everything you are thinking and feeling, and then equip you with feedback/tools that you need to deal with the challenges life throws your way. Very rarely do you have someone that is devoted to helping, healing, promoting positivity, and transforming women’s lives and not just offering a workout.

These short lunch-time virtual classes are the highlight of my day and are an essential part of my health and mental well-being. The energetic choice of music and Vero’s upbeat personality reels you right into the workout from start to finish. These Pilates/workout classes have not only helped me transform but get in tune with my mind and overall spirit."

~Laura Martinez

Get Started

Pay for 6 Months

  • 2 pilates sessions a week (8 sessions a month)

  • 1 month free when paying in full


Pay per Month

  • 2 pilates sessions a week (8 sessions a month)


Yoga Mats

But this isn’t your average pilates class! I’m a little different from other teachers because I structure my classes in a unique way and like to incorporate music that makes the sessions more fun, helping everyone finish strong!

At the beginning of every class, I like to get everyone’s energy up and running by starting with pilates incorporating cardio, then moving on to working on the core and into my high-intensity interval training that turns your body into a fat-burning machine! Finally, we will finish the class with some stretches and pilates to cool down.

Practicing Yoga

Here are some things you should bring to your first online class:

  • A yoga mat

  • Comfy athletic clothes

  • A bottle of water

  • Some lightweights

  • And a small workout space



Classes happen every Tuesday and Thursday, 
from 11am CST.

Every class is doable regardless of your background, though it will still be a little challenging.


But each session is full of joy, and by the time you finish, you’ll feel incredible!

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