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Hey there, I'm Veronica, and I'm the creator of Vero's Bloom!


(I'm also a certified Life Coach, Pilates instructor, and Art medicine circle guide)

Purple Blossom

Vero's Bloom results from COVID-19 shutting down my previous small business like it did so many others in those trying times.

But I didn't let it stop me!

I decided to take my passion for community, women, art, and wellness into action and formulated what is now Vero's Bloom.

What jump-started Vero's Bloom is my uniquely designed pilates workout regime that quickly created a movement women loved and enjoyed doing!

Image by Emily Sea

A peek at what I offer

Pilates with a Twist

Improve strength, flexibility, posture, and awareness.

Learn More

Paint with Spirit

A creative art journey.

Learn More

Online Personal Training

Virtual 1-on-1 training.

Learn More

Fast-forward to now; I love every day of my life because my classes have been a constant inspiration and motivation to so many women to become more focused, goal-driven, and live a healthier lifestyle.

Every class is abundantly full of energy, a loving vibe, and happiness.

All are welcome to participate in these classes regardless of how familiar you are with the practice.

At the end of every class, my ultimate goal is to motivate and inspire you to look and feel amazing while helping you on your path to self-discovery.

I am so excited you're here at Vero's Bloom, and I look forward to seeing you become a part of our fantastic community of ladies who push each other to live better lives every day!

Image by Johannes Plenio

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